The Future of Television Presentation

Posted on Nov 3, 2011 | 71 comments

The Future of Television Presentation

I will be giving a speech today on The Future of Television at the PaidContent conference in LA. I will write way more details about this in the coming months but I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at my presentation for today.

Future of TV

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*** (if there are typos in the presentation don’t bust my chops. I tend not to care about that sorta thing. I value getting my ideas out for debate – not whether I had time for spell check)

  • msuster

    Agreed re: sports & live. My wife used to work for bSkyb so I know a ton about the importance of sports in holding together the bundle. It just was a distraction for this particular presentation in which I had 15 minutes to cover the field! Thanks.

  • msuster

    I think PaidContent plans to publish it so maybe check over there.

  • msuster

    I know. In my presentation I actually said that! It’s a nice metaphor but not actually true.

  • msuster

    I wish I could make it. Maybe next year!

  • msuster

    Average length online is 4.5 minutes. I think it will settle on a short form like this with some long-form, too. But the standard 22 minute is a relic of limited distribution and the need for time slots.

  • msuster

    It was the exact analogy I used in the presentation. The “TV bundle” is the album of the future. In order words … dead.

  • msuster

    It won’t happen over night. But the signs are all there.

  • msuster

    Thanks, Jay. I enjoyed your panel, as well. Look forward to catching up soon.

  • M L Bittle

    and for the same reasons…. see “What If Consumers Don’t Value Content” at

  • kidmercury

    no mention of spectrum. i dont think the internet tv dream can really happen in full force until all the issues surrounding spectrum are resolved; it’ll be too slow and spotty until then. 

  • Peter Tippett

    Live TV is a market we have addressed as the power with this is that everyone is watching it at the same time, giving you access to a very strong engagement factor with a follow on effect able to accessed. The market is 3,500 Billion (lower end number) eyeballs per year just in the basic areas we are addressing. We have been building for the last 2 years in this market proving our technology and creating a business models the TV networks and brands will work with as it makes them a lot of new revenue.  Have a look at our show reel of the traction we have attained.

    We have also solved the “On-Demand” market model, but are not addressing that yet as we have decided to focus on Live TV as it is a massive market in it’s own right and there are very few players in this market with none at the level we are at.We are now working on a series A raising to allow us to jump to the next level as we now have the major networks, production houses and agencies lining up to use our technology and business model ie very strong pipeline.

  • Jan Schultink

    You did not mention devices and user experience in slide 6.

    The tablet will become the first remote control that does not suck and give a user experience that is better than zapping channels, messing with cursor keys on a TV screen, watching a video on a boiling laptop in your lap, or trying to hook up a clumsy Bluetooth keyboard to your TV.

  • webpromo

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  • Madhusudan Rao

    Agree. Need to be able to carry your television while you travel as well –

    Dont you agree?

  • Dorian Dargan

    This is great… 

    You all should check out (@younow) an innovative new startup that is looking to “democratize live video.”

  • Dave W Baldwin

    This will be a fun decade  😉   Good job!

  • Edward Domain

    Amen Mark- the Barbarians are going to create new content- look at an individual example like “Goodnight Burbank” ( made by Hayden Black- an Internet Barbarian…and he got picked up by Mark Cuban’s HD Net when Cuban saw the show online and sent him a message through Facebook.

    That is just the start IMO- the next few years will see the independent “Barbarians” (love the terminology) just produce online and say F*ck the networks.

    Our company ( is planning to do the same- we’ll be producing independent video content to go with our editorial.  Forgive the plug, but its GREAT to see what I have been talking about vindicated by a well known VC like yourself Mark.

    I feel like its when radio or TV was brand new- with the exception being the barrier to entry has dropped very low.  Exciting times ahead!

  • Study Online Doctorate Degrees

    Nicely Illustrated! Specially the idea of Producer→YouTube→Content Viewer. Overall great presentation.

  • Tim Pham

    Great summary of the business model… Thanks, Michael.

  • Jane Virtual Agent

    Interesting post… I can’t wait to read more about it after your presentation. The sneak peek left me a little confused. :)

  • Kevin


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