PR Tips

PR is one of those topics that all new entrepreneurs (and seasoned ones) often ask about. Much has changed about PR in the era of social networks and more open information. Here are some articles that I’ve written on the topic.

Recent PR Series
1. Should your Startup Announce its Funding?
2. If you don’t target tech early-adopters do tech blogs still matter?
3. Should you announce your product releases or company coming out at major events?
4. Narcissistic marketing vs. Point-of-View Marketing
5. Why you need to simplify your messaging

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6. How to combine blogging with PR
7. Why “share of mind” matters and how to get it
8. How to use social media to expand your PR reach
9. How to blog more effectively

10. What else do you want to see? If you leave comments I’ll check periodically.

Previous PR Posts

1. 10 Marketing Tips for Startups
2. How to Use PR Firms at Startups
3. 6 Tips for Building Relationships with Journalists
4. Crisis Management I – What Startups Can Learn About Crisis Management from RansackGate (Airbnb)
5. Crisis Management II – Knowing When to Respond to New Stories and When to Bite Your Lip  (If it Didn’t Happen on Twitter, it Didn’t Happen)
6. The importance of the narrative