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Building Apps in a Cloud World

Posted on Jun 22, 2009 | 9 comments

I run a monthly meeting called the SoCal VCA (Venture Capital Alliance) in which we have great technology leaders present to the best VC’s in Southern California so that we can better understand the trends and develop tighter relationships with our local technology leaders.  In recent sessions we have had Dmitry Shapiro (founder of Veoh), Ian Rogers (CEO of TopSpin Media) and David Sacks (founder of Geni and Yammer, former COO of PayPal).  I hadn’t yet restarted my blog so notes from those meetings are still scratched in my yellow notepads.

This month we had an equally impressive speaker in Michael Crandell, founder and CEO of RightScale, a Santa Barbara based company that helps manage cloud computing infrastructure.  The company has raised more than $20 million from prominent investors including Kevin Harvey of Benchmark Capital and Danny Rimer of Index Ventures.

Michael’s entire presentation is here on Docstoc but I wanted to highlight a couple of slides below from his session and offer some thoughts about cloud computing.

1. Cloud continues to accelerate

When I first started experimenting with cloud computing it was 2005/06 and I had just launched my second company, Koral.  Amazon had just launched its S3 storage (EC2 for cloud processing didn’t exist yet).  It seemed that over night every start-up I knew was using S3 and the logic was simple.

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